June 24, 2013

Water Leaks Are NO Laughing Matter! HOME WATCH HINTS

  Even a tiny leak can turn into a huge, expensive headache and put the integrity of your home at risk.   Water leaks cause major damage in a home.  For starters, they ruin flooring, destroy wall and ceiling surfaces and harbor the growth of unhealthy molds.  The longer water leaks go un-noticed, the more […]

June 3, 2013


Having a neighbor stop in periodically as a favor to check your home may initially seem like a good idea.  But well-meaning neighbors usually are doing a “glance” through.  “Well everything LOOKS okay.”  PAINTED DESERT HOME WATCH is totally “hands-on” touching, probing, lifting, lighting, every area of your home making sure there are no “un-seen” […]

May 12, 2013

St. George, UT Realtors use PAINTED DESERT HOME WATCH for current as well as prior clients!

Many people who buy a home develop a relationship with the realtor they were working with.  Often this relationship extends to the new homeowner expecting the realtor to “look-in-on” the home when they snowbird for a few months.  It’s hard for any realtor to say “no” when they’ve just earned a nice commission as well […]

May 12, 2013

“HOPE” is not a plan!! HOME WATCH HINTS

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For the price of one un-noticed plumbing leak, you could have more than paid for several year of our professional home watch services and saved yourself a big headache!  Not to mention the hassle and stress of getting the problem fixed when you are far away!! We give our clients peace of mind by taking […]

May 12, 2013


Would you rather be in the care of your next door neighbor when you’re having a heart-attack or a by a medical specialist? Would you rather have your maid service/landscaper/pool guy/golf buddy service your car or an auto-tech who specializes in your car’s particular make and model? Today’s world is getting more complicated all the […]

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