May 12, 2013

St. George, UT Realtors use PAINTED DESERT HOME WATCH for current as well as prior clients!

Many people who buy a home develop a relationship with the realtor they were working with.  Often this relationship extends to the new homeowner expecting the realtor to “look-in-on” the home when they snowbird for a few months.  It’s hard for any realtor to say “no” when they’ve just earned a nice commission as well as enjoyed working with the client.  

Or maybe the realtor is currently working with a client who is trying to sell a home.  The client has had to leave the precious home vacant and vulnerable during the sometimes lengthy marketing process.  Once again, because they’ve built a relationship with the realtor, here comes the expectation that it wouldn’t be a huge imposition for the realtor to “check-on-things” every once in a while.  After all, they’ll be there showing the property anyway.  So now, instead of the realtor spending their time doing what they do best -marketing the property to perspective buyers- they feel this huge burden to care for it as well.  This is not the best use of any realtors’ time.  Besides that, it’s not a matter of “if” something is going to happen while the home is vacant, it’s more a matter of “when” and “what.”  

PAINTED DESERT HOME WATCH is able and willing to deal with folks in these types of situations.  We watch properties for a variety of clients – snowbirds who are gone for several months, people trying to sell a home,  folks who spend minimal time at a vacation home, etc.  Making weekly, personal checks on unoccupied homes is what we do.  Let us do for you!!  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!

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