September 15, 2015

Neighbors Just Want To Be Neighbors! HOME WATCH HINT

If you’re a neighbor to one of the many second home owners in the St. George and surrounding areas, chances are you’ve probably been asked at least once to “keep an eye on things” while your neighbor’s away for a few weeks or maybe even months.  As much as you’d like to say “no” you end up saying “yes.”  WHY?  Because you don’t want to be un-neighborly!

Seems like such a harmless request on the outset but if you look at it in any detail, you realize it’s a huge burden that few people would take on willingly.  Neighbors just want to be neighbors!  No neighbor, not even the best ones, want to be responsible for something as important and costly as your home.  So you be the good neighbor and ask the HOME WATCH experts to care for you home.  We’ll take incredible care of your home!

HOME WATCH – it’s what we do!

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