April 11, 2014


Recently the owner of a local cleaning service related the same story that I’ve heard time and time again that she was being asked by a client to check on their home while they’re away.  She said, “Quite frankly and honestly – I don’t have the skill set to do this right but I’m afraid not to because they are good clients and so it’s hard to turn them down.”  She inquired of what my Home Watch business actually does and how much my liability insurance was.  At the conclusion of our conversation she was quite sure she did not want to be involved as a Home Watch Service. 

This story is typical and has been rehearsed to me by neighbors, relatives, friends and even cleaning gals about 2nd home owners.  They all have similar stories wherein they feel obligated due to the relationship to take on the huge burden of looking after someone’s home.  They don’t want to “rock the boat” on their relationship so they say, “yes” when they’d rather say, “no.”  

These types of begrudging and unskilled home watchers pop in for a quick glance on occasion and call it good.  They don’t have the knowledge or experience to know what they’re looking for and especially they don’t know what to do should they discover something amiss.   They live in dread of having to make that phone call exclaiming – “You’ll never guess what happened!!”  

A good question one might ask – “Would you let your neighbor, cleaning service, or realtor take care of your retirement portfolio?”  Definitely not!  Your home is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.  It only makes sense to hire a professional Home Watch Service that has the experience and knows what to look for as well as a plan to handle any problem that arises.

PAINTED DESERT HOME WATCH – we are the expert Home Watch specialists!  Licensed/Insured!!  It’s what we do!  Let us do it for you!  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!


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