June 24, 2013

Water Leaks Are NO Laughing Matter! HOME WATCH HINTS

Leaky-Pipe-212x300 leak-detector-alarm

Even a tiny leak can turn into a huge, expensive headache and put the integrity of your home at risk.   Water leaks cause major damage in a home.  For starters, they ruin flooring, destroy wall and ceiling surfaces and harbor the growth of unhealthy molds.  The longer water leaks go un-noticed, the more money and time you will have to spend fixing the damage.  Just ask Pete whose home flooded repeatedly in his long absence and upon his return found he had over $90,000 in damages!  Ouch!!  PAINTED DESERT HOME WATCH is in your home each and every week catching leaks while they are small and saving you huge amounts of money, stress, time and hassles.   Call us today to set up your FREE CONSULTATION!!  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!

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