December 8, 2014


At PAINTED DESERT HOME WATCH, our goal is to protect your investment and provide you with total peace of mind while you are away.

We understand that as a responsible owner you have legitimate concerns about your home, vacation property or condo while you are not there. But each time you close the door and walk away that is when the real worry begins.  Most of us have heard the horror stories of owners who have left their home as usual hoping for the best.  But because bad things happen to unoccupied homes we know that “Hope Is Not A Plan!”  Reality is painful without a real plan of action for the unexpected.  Who will notice the problem? How quickly have they discovered it? What are they going to do about fixing it?  And how quickly will it be resolved? How much worry, stress, time and money has this problem caused?

Hiring PAINTED DESERT HOME WATCH is the very best plan to protect your home while you’re away.  Simply put – we are there to watch and care for your home when you are not.

PAINTED DESERT HOME WATCH is not your typical home watch service company. We take pride in providing HOME WATCH services that are above the homeowner’s expectations, as our clients will attest.

Whether you are away on business, on a vacation for a week or two, traveling for several months or a second home owner who visits occasionally, we make sure everything in your home and property is taken care of so there are no surprises when you return.  Get your HOME WATCH plan put into action today by calling 435-668-7545 and stop the worrying!!


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