Personally written testimonials by “more than satisfied” clients of PAINTED DESERT HOME WATCH!!

“My wife and I appreciate the diligence with which you provide your ‘home watch’ services.  Your punctuality, thoroughness and follow-through with timely reports is extraordinary and, of course, much appreciated.  Please don’t hesitate to use us as a reference when prospective clients would like some reassurance about your services.” – Chuck & Margo  


“This past summer we met the Kings and were introduced to their home care business.  We were looking for someone we could trust with our important belongings while we were out of the country.  It was not an easy decision for us to leave our brand new home and all the new furnishings. Now, without hesitation, we would use their services over and over again.   We never expected the extraordinary level of care and the service they gave us.  By the time we came home the Kings were like family to us.  Not a thing went without inspection from appliances to changing furnace filters and insect control.  We really don’t know of another couple who could provide such impeccable overall care.  They are professional and trustworthy.  We highly recommend them.” – Warren & Susan 


“We have used PAINTED DESERT HOME WATCH and Mike & Deb King’s services have more than exceeded our expectations.  We found them to be dependable, responsible, and trustworthy.  As a matter of fact, upon our return from an extended vacation, we found our home to be in better condition than when we left it!  We highly recommend them.” – Jim & Corinne 


“To the Kayenta Sales Office Team:  I’m sending this email to inform you of a service that I have had the good fortune to find.  Mike King is the owner of PAINTED DESERT HOME WATCH.  Mike comes to my home each and every week and goes over it with a fine-tooth comb.  His expertise and experience with homes has led him to discover several issues that we were unaware of and just before these issues could have done major damage to our beautiful residence.  His being here weekly has saved us the cost of expensive home repairs and saved the integrity of our home itself.  We hope you will share Mike and PAINTED DESERT HOME WATCH with others in the area as we’re sure his services will be beneficial to everyone.  Don’t hesitate to contact us personally for more information.” Jan & Ken 


“Mike King of Painted Desert Home Watch has been taking care of my vacation home while I am in another state. He is dependable, easy to work with, does more than is required of him, and knows what he is doing. This has been a very valuable service to me.” – Christine


“Michael King looked after our home during an extended absence of several months. He kept us updated by e-mail and brought to our attention issues such as roof damage which we were able to correct under home warranty. When houseguests from Britain arrived late at night and could not access our home, Michael promptly came out, let them in and oriented them to our home – well beyond the norm and for which we were much appreciative. Painted Desert is great!” – Tom & Joan


“We hired Painted Desert for a year and a half to watch our high end designer home in St George Utah. We have found them to be extremely dependable and able to deal with all aspects of our home. They understand all the heating and air conditioning, plumbing, electrical systems and all other aspects of our home. They haved helped coordinate with other services providers and have given us a detailed report of their weekly inspections. Knowing that Painted Desert is watching our home has given us peace of mind while we are serving a mission in Micronesia. I strongly recommend them — they are the best.” – Bob & Jeanette


“We have a home in the St. George area, but spend summers in Idaho. While we’re in Idaho Mike and Deb do weekly checks on our St. George home. Their service in invaluable and offers that peace of mind that comes knowing a dependable qualified service is checking every system in the home. Last year while we were away a flash flood damaged our home. Mike and Deb were there within an hour and directed the first response disaster crew until we could return the next day. If we are going to be away for a week or a month or several months we call Painted Desert Home Watch to check on things. We have recommended them to all of our neighbors and think they deserve six stars out of five! Outstanding!” – Gary & Martha


“We leave St. George for 4 months in the summer. We give our house keys to Mike and Deb and they handle every aspect of maintenance required and let us know immediately after each visit what the status of our home is and suggestions for remedies if necessary. They have met repair persons for us, turned water on, flush toilets, check pool, a/c, weeds, read our mail, you name it.  We would (and have) recommend Painted Desert to anyone. They are extremely trustworthy and Mike has extensive knowledge of home building, maintenance and upkeep which is invaluable.” – Michael & Claire


“Michael and Deb did an outstanding job in looking over our home while we were out of the country for a month. They were very thorough in checking out potential problem areas in the house (water heaters, A/C, indoor plants, outdoor irrigation, pool equipment, etc.).  We were in remote areas and at times difficult to communicate with, yet we felt comfortable that Mike could deal with any unexpected challenge that might arise. When we could receive email, Mike was great in keeping us posted on each of his individual home checks.  A big “thumbs up” for Mike and Deb. – Brent & Pam



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